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    Removed all my patches and tweaks,upgraded to 1.3.5, reinstalled patches and tweaks.....evrything works except my text fowarding, might be having a brain fart, any ideas?
    searched the 1.3.5 threads and doesnt seem like anyone else has had this issue....Thanx
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    txt forwarding is included with the 1.3.5 update, there is no need for a patch.
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    Ive had text fowarding since 1.3.1 , since 1.3.5 the other day,m Ive lost fowarding, I tap on msgs and nothing happens now...
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    Did you install the fwd patch? If so you need to uninstall it txt fwd come with the 1.3.5 update.
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    Didint reinstall the fwd patch, actually cant even find it anymore in webos, figured they removed it since it was no longer needed......thanx
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    what patches do you have installed that deal with the message app?
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    Unfortunately none that deal w/ messaging, I fear I may have to start from scratch

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