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    Hello! I'm heading to France for about a month and was curious if anyone thinks I should even bother bringing my Pre. I have a Sprint Pre, and would LOVE to be able to use it in France, but I don't think I can. I guess I could use it for Wifi, but does anyone know if I could possibly use it out there as a cellphone? I'll spend most of the month in and around Paris. Thanks!
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    Nope. Sorry. GSM only in France. You could buy a German Pre unlocked to use while you are there and then resell it again on EBay....
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    meh, id just get any ol cheap prepaid phone for out there.

    and no, you cant use your Pre.
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    Thanks for the advice! I guess I'll just have to go without a connected Pre for a month. I think I'll still take it with me to use with wifi and utilize the calendar, contacts, and non-connected apps.
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    Former devices: Treo 755p, Treo 650
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    You could also get a WIFI phone and a paid SIP connection or just get a cheap phone that takes sim cards.
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    I live in France part of the year and always take my Sprint Pre with me. You won't be able to use the phone, but with WiFi you will be able to utilize many of your other applications. Perhaps SIP will be available at some point and then you will be able to use your Sprint Pre anywhere.
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    If you have a Google Voice Account you could use that while your there. Free phone service and everything. But I don't know if you call anywhere in France that would count for the international calling. It would be MUCH cheaper than to get a Pre Paid phone there.
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    My advice would be to put the device in Airplane mode first, then turn the Wi-Fi on. That way you won't have your wireless radio polling around for a signal the whole'll probably get much better battery life that way.

    Have fun in France! You can act all exclusive like you got Pre early there :P
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    I hope you have fun while in France!

    What I did while I was in London for a week...
    1. I borrowed an old, unlocked ATT phone from a friend.
    2. I bought a sim card to use in that phone.
    3. I brought my Pre, but put it in airplane mode, turning just wifi on, as someone above suggested...
    4. ...also as someone above suggested, I was able to use the wifi to keep loose contact via Google Voice. I could listen to voicemails and send/respond-to text messages sent to my google voice number, but of course, only at wifi hotspots. At the time, Sprint's conditional forwarding wasn't free, but now it is, so if you set your Sprint number to go to your GV number if you don't answer your Sprint phone, then set your GV number to go straight to vmail vs ringing your other GV-connected phones, then you'll get to listen to your Sprint number's vmail via wifi and a program like GDialPro.

    That was the best I could make of the situation...
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    Right, which is pretty great, considering what it would have been like only a few years ago.

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