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    is anybody working on an app like the "red laser" for the pre?
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    mind explaining what the "red laser" is/does?
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    barcode scanner. According to other threads, the camera quality on closeups isn't sufficient.
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    on the "ibone" i meen "iphone" they have an app called RED LASER. you can scan barcodes from products and it will tell you where to purchase them with the prices. so if you go to say , best buy, you can scan a barcode and see if another retailer has a better price.
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    there is a fairly easy way to set up your own macro lens on the pres camera
    link posted
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    Thx for the info, gonna check that thread out!
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    no prob just thought everyone should know an unofficial and slightly hardware modded barcode scanner could happen
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    so now someone just needs to work on the program part of it....
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    well now that its possible hardware wise theres no reason a dev wont get it together
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    Quote Originally Posted by gump666 View Post
    so now someone just needs to work on the program part of it....
    There already is, and not just for the iPhone. Just need to get WebOS guys working on it.
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    There are numerous threads about bar scanning apps and they all end in the same conclusion. The Pre DOES NOT HAVE and autofocusing camera. Without this feature a barscanning application is not practical and possible.

    Unless there is some yet-to-be released API that allows access the camera and control focus (if it's at all possible with the hardware), there's no point in making an application like this and we'll not see this on the current generation Pre/Pixi.
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    but like my earlier post its pretty simple to set up a macro lens which can serve just as well as a barcode scanner as an autofocus camera
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    It's doubtful however, that anyone will take the time to develop an app that can only be used by people who have "homemade" hardware advancements. :\
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    perhaps someone with the mod and a better grasp of coding then me would take the time to
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    Well if whom-ever has a home made macro lens want's to install the Palm Classic app,, they can use this barcode scanner built for the Treo

    Barcode/13 1.0.4 (for Palm OS) -

    You know Palm does have countless thousands of apps.. in the form of archaic Palm O/S stuff but they are legit and they DO work!
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    There is an SDK available to analyze non-focused barcodes, but unless you can find out the margins they charge per amount of users so it'd be a charged app, possibly not as useful as some offered on android, unless you develop your own algorithm for cleaning up a blurry barcodes and release it free.
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    perhaps someone could port it alone to pre afterall $30 for classic is a bit steep for those who dont need all the old palm os apps
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    My only thought to make this work is to include in the app the ability to enlarge the photo area of the bar code. However, in practice, even at the properly focused distance from the barcode, the image is still blurry. It's a long shot but *may* be possible.
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    no no no. doubt it. chances are, devs arent gonna spend time making an app that isnt going to work well. wait til a new pre comes out with a new camera (besides pre plus)
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    After reading this post yesterday I spent a good hour messing around taking pictures of different sized barcodes at different distances and I'm 99% sure this will never happen until palm gives up auto focus cameras.

    Try it yourself and you will see this will not happen.
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