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    So I am finally a Pre owner after being with Windows Mobile for 5+ years and it has been good so far. Whenever I got my Pre, Sprint also sent me a free car charger along with my order. Its the one rated at 850ma with the Yellow light ring on the end. I also bought the official Palm car charger rated at 1000ma because I did not expect to get the free Sprint one. I have an additional Touch Stone already that I want to mount in my car.

    I have read the official working charger thread and the thread with all the pictures of people mounting the touch stone in their car thread. Im kind of confused with what I have gathered. It seems that either charger will power the Touch Stone in the car but it seems like people say the Sprint charger works faster then the official Palm one even though it is rated 150m less. Then there are other people who say the Sprint one is underpowered and will fry your phone and battery. I've then seen people say they have had both and say the Sprint charger charges faster and ended up keeping that one and vice verse.

    So is there really any clear cut winner? I do not want to open both up and try then because I would like to either sell the one I don't use or return it. I just want the charger that is going to provide more/faster charge. Any ideas?
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    I have the sprint charger, it hasn't fried anything yet. Don't have a palm one.
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    I have the Palm oem car charger and it works flawlessly.
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    All I can speak from is personal experience and I bought the palm charger first. It would not charge the phone at all unless the phone wasn't in use at all. If I was streaming music, forget it. Even not in use it seemed slow to charge.

    For me the Sprint charger has worked great. Good luck.
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    I have both. I recomend the Palm Charger. Smaller, more powerful, and charges quicker.
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    +1 on the Palm Charger. Had it set up with my Touchstone in my car for 4 months now, and have never had a problem. Looks pretty tight charging up on my dash too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    ^What he said.^

    I originally had the Sprint charger with the yellow glowing ring and it would get really hot to the touch and the phone would cycle on and off charge, especially on warm days. And then, after about a month, the yellow ring stopped glowing (although the charger was still working).

    I got the Palm charger above and it has worked flawlessly; doesn't get warm, no cycling.

    Oh, and I think the confusion with the Palm chargers is that there are two different models.

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