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    The comeback isn't going too well. Turning the phone to the left, the screen wouldn't orientate without me swinging the phone up and down and tapping it a few times. Annoying after awhile. Doctored it, to make sure it wasn't something i did, but guess it was a hardware prob.

    Took it back, exchanged for a new one. Immediately saw it has a gap at top right and right side and a slightly older warranty date of 10/30. KB a bit mushy compared to the "perfect" Pre (that wouldn't orientate) i reluctantly gave up. Radio shack dude was all alone with like 10 customers so i didn't bug him too much after he said all new Pre's have that gap (though i just had returned one that didn'

    So what the heck. I'll give this one a go but have doubts now. Phone came with 1.2.1. Updated OS first thing. Palm Profile of course doesn't have all the apps i just put on previous device. No paid ones. It restored most of the free ones besides maybe two. It did restore my bookmarks for the browser. Redid Preware.

    But again, that no full backup/restore thing already roars its ugly head for me. As did my problems with hardware previously. I can only imagine if i had 100's of apps, what a nightmare it would be. Even with the few i had, i had to remember what i list of purchased apps to bring up.
    dude that gap is too much. I have a launch one and still don't have a gap.
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    WTH. My warrantdatecode says 7/29/09 and I bought it in december. Does that mean this phone was built in july?
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    And the comeback comes to a halt. I was going to switch out for a third Pre this week but instead will simply return it and cancel the line.

    First strike: Hardware is a mixed bag. That i knew since launch and any thinking that quality has improved since then or any changes have been made are myths. It remains Palm's biggest challenge. This could be tolerable if not for:

    Second strike: No full backup/restore. And i'm not going to resort to becoming a linux engineer to perform such a standard function. New devices come with an old version of the OS. That's an hour spent out of the gate. By the time you reenter passwords and check bookmarks and settings, you're nearing two hours. Then it's time to wonder why palm profile only put a few of your apps back on the device as of the last backup. Time then to look for your apps to download in the catalog which is made much harder since you'll have to remember which apps you had installed (this is pathetic)..and that you can re-download. Add on another hour.

    So now comes time to use webOS quick install and Preware. Add on another hour. And have fun installing each tweak one by one.

    Then its Doubletwist (or your choice) time. Time to sync up media and go have a snack.

    On the other hand, if i got another iphone, i simply plug it in and let itunes restore a backup, and i'm ready to go. Too bad i've not needed to exchange multiple iphones.

    Third strike: This Pre isn't keeping accurate time. Yep, i know there's a thread on this but its the first time i noticed it. My wife's Pre seems ok in this department and i hadn't noticed it on my prior Pre's. This is unacceptable and I got burned over the weekend for it.

    Back to the iphone for good this time
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