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    Hello. One more issue with I am not getting any alert notification for the calendar events. Not sure what is going on.

    Calendar notification has been an issue since DST change. It was going off an hour early. I had to manually remove and restore the events for it to work and it was working fine. Now another headache.

    Now I don't see any notification at all. I check the event and it has the notification (5 minutes before), etc. So it is not working at all.

    Is this a known issue? Any workarounds? Thanks.
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    Go into the Date & Time preference app and verify your timezone is correct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chodaboy View Post
    Go into the Date & Time preference app and verify your timezone is correct.
    It is correct. Even if it was not, it would notify some time during the day. I don't see this thing working at all.
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    I found this to be an issue aswell, I decided to modify things that were weekly reminders and after changing the reminder alert times and closing it out they are back to normal..? Weird I know but give it a try! Its like after the update it forgot all the reminders I had and I had to physically remind my reminders...ha...ok that was dumb but it worked...------->thanks is over here!
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    Mine works just fine. You might need to repair/doctor.
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    Any update on this? This is really a big issue. I am waiting for 1.4. before deleting and restoring the calendar events. I don't want to do this again if things are still broken with 1.4
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    The only way I could get the notifications to work again is to delete the event and re-enter it. Sounds like alot of work but most of my events repeat monthly or weekly and with new events the reminders work, so it wasn't that bad.
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    I hope Palm fixes this. This is the 2nd time i had to delete and reenter the events. This is a nightmare with ever increasing list of new events.

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