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    Hello. Long time PC reader, first time poster.

    I'm currently on SERO with a Centro. I am eligible for an upgrade but have been putting it off because SERO is such a great deal. There is nothing wrong with my current phone, but I have been itching for an upgrade lately. I am well aware that I will have to ditch SERO to upgrade. My question is, since I have held on this long, do you think it is worth upgrading to a 6 month old Pre now, or just wait until this summer when a new Palm device may hit Sprint. I really like Sprint and have no interest in switching to Verizon for the Pre+.

    TIA for any helpful input.
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    Speaking strictly for myself, I think it'd be insane to upgrade now. A host of new phones, most likely including a new WebOS handset, will be hitting Sprint in the next 5-6 months. If you're going to sign a new 2 year deal, do it when the latest of the latest that you need comes out.

    Beyond just having the latest, the new device would likely have all of the hardware upgrades of the Pre Plus, thereby GREATLY increasing your chances of your device surviving the 24 months of your contract.

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    if it was me and i could afford it, i would start a new line of service and keep the SERO as well.

    but realistically, wait.
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    Thanks for the feedback.
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    i'd wait, maybe try to pick up a used pre in mint condition and used that this way you can upgrade 6 months from now if a new pre comes out.

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    Once the pre plus comes out I am sure you will be able to pick a used one up for cheap.

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