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    It was said by katie at ces that the pdk will give access to the gpu for applications and games and that over time these things will be incorporated into the core of the sdk, but as far as the gui working with the gpu that as of yet has not been addressed and most likely will but will take more time.

    My question is what are your thoughts on this coming about i would love for my daily usage of my phone to be as lag free as when i play need for speed. what is the next step for palm to mae this happen. People mention 1.4 but there is nothing there gui as far as we now now.
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    I would imagine as parts of the PDK are incorporated into the SDK you will have core app improvements.

    That is unless Palm felt like reworking the WebOS to work through the PDK (which i don't think they will bother if they are eventually going to incorporate some of the PDK API's into the main SDK).
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    All I know is that since 1.3.5 my lag has been mightily improved, I can only imagine how incredible an experience the webos will be once the GPU is activated for the GUI. I am seething with excitement.

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