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    Exactly, it doesn't mater if the pre is a iPhone killer. You just have something special like me. We don't miss that 50 fart apps ;-)
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    Ok funny, my english is not that perfect ;-) I think you know what I mean.
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    The pre is not a killer ;-). But to me I like it more than the iphone, at least I can talk to a person on the device and look for an appointment or something else...that is cool isn't it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by somline View Post
    Is it important for you if the pre is a iPhone killer? I just like my pre more than my iPhone. Both are great devices. It depends on what you want to do.
    nope not at all, if having something as good as an iphone was so important then I would have bought an iphone. I couldnt actually care less, the question was merely to see if you feel these magazines and websites which intially hailed it as being an iphone killer and then revoked that would change their mind. Personally I feel they will and it will be interesting to read.
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    I don't believe anything will ever be an 'iPhone killer' in the sense these publications meant it. Apple has far too much momentum for anyone to overtake until Apple itself starts to slow down which I guess will happen eventually but hasn't yet in the iPod market so it could be a long way off.

    Personally I could not care less about the iPhone, it was a closed system without a keyboard which made it unsuitable as a replacement for my Treo. The Pre is a perfect alternative but I don't expect the majority of phone users to agree with me. My brother-in-law has just ordered 4 new phones for his familty (business tarrif as he is self-employed), a 3GS for himself and his son, a 3G for his wife and BB of some sort for his daughter. He asked my advice and I suggested he should just go with what they each wanted (including the BB) as pressurising them to chose the more 'nerdy' Palms was bound to cause more grief. At least if they get what they ask for then any troubles will be of their own choosing and therefore easier to handle. I did, of course, point out that the iPhone and BB would not be my choice but he knew that already.
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    the pre already is the iphone killer.
    it just need three or four things to dominate:
    bluetooth file transfer.
    a bigger screen
    a boost in the palm app catalog and webOS features
    a VERY solid hardware (yes, i mean no oreo or wobbling)

    webOS is relatively young but is already ahead of various OS out from years and years. this is undeniable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adesonic View Post
    Iphone Killers .............. meh! People who like the iphone will buy iphones, I happen not to particularly like the iphone - I like my Pre, each to his/ her own.
    Agree. All of these devices play an important role in the evolution of the platform. Killing the iphone or any other mobile device is not a measure of success. If companies like Apple, RIM, Palm continue to push the envelope, we as consumers will benefit.
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    Well, this months issue of Pc advisor conducted a review of smartphones from iphone 3gs, blackberry bold 9700, pre and various others and the pre won the 'best buy' award with 4.5 out of 5 stars. The iphone 3gs only got 4 stars. The pre also won their smartphone award for 2010.
    Issue no. 176 and pre review is on page 63.

    Things for the pre certainly seem to be looking up. Even went into an o2 store today and they had several palm stands demoing the pre which were attracting people in the store.
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    iphone killer? how many times do we have to hear this again??
    Nobody hear want to kill the iphone, it was a great smartphone and it still is.
    Unfortunately for the iphone Palm brought us the state of the art of mobile platforms the WebOS, which is simply amazing. I use to have an iphone and I use to think that it was the best thing out there, since the CES 2009, where a miracle happen the Pre. Thank you Palm.

    I am a Pre owner since October 2009, when I canceled the iphone contract for the Pre, and I am proud to be a Pre owner.
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