Hi all, im Tom form th UK.

Just signed up to the site today although have been lurking for a while.

I was pretty happy with my Pre until the other day when a friend explained some of the things that i could do with some patches, themes, and homebrew apps, needless to say i got very excited!!

Last night i set about installing WebOS quick install and followed the guide on here choosing a few things to intsall/change on my pre. When i was happy with what i had chosen i followed the guide and clicked to do a Luna reset and bang, epic fail, the pre got stuck on the startup screen just showing the Palm logo and not responding to any buttons. Needless to say i pooped my pants there and then thinking i completely screwed up and that was my Pre dead

Anyway after some reading i set about doing a factory reset with the WebOS doctor via the palm uk site and now the phone is back up and running as it should be with everything restored Thank god for that!

I would normally not think about installing any homebrew apps/patches/themes but seeing what can be done i really want to give it a go again! So what would you pros advise, give it a dhot again and see what happens? Any tips? I cnat remember exactly what extra things i tried to do but i think it went downhill after i tried to install the iphone theme, any issues with this?

Im on WebOS 1.3.1 by the way. Cheers for all the help,