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    Us you may know, was released yesterday evening, at least for the german o2-network.

    my first impression:

    • Installation went fine but the extraction-process before the installation took a while. Don't get impatient. (All preware patches have been removed before manually)
    • After the installation preware did not start (onFeed-Error). After re-install of preware by using preload this error disappeared.
    • Up to now, the 'pre-feeling' is nearly the same as before. In the app-cat there are still free-apps only. No need-for-speed or other nice stuff.

    More details soon.

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    Ability for Bluetooth-Tethering was added! See also
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    I have German O2 Pre, unlocked, with webOS in Finland.

    I found, unfortunately, that Scandinavian characters have been pushed downward in the "symbol" list. This makes writing in Scandinavian languages more difficult.
    The virtual keypad for these ex-keyboard characters also seems to be shorter than before (maybe to use the same construct in Pixi ?). In conclusion, finding the desired character is more tedious, times two.

    Localisation patch requested!
    I mean, changing country in preferences would also change the order of characters in the virtual keypad more usable for writing in local language(s).
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    My impressions on this update:

    - Calender Day view switching much faster
    - Browser scrolling faster, and the annoying white/gray square fields when you scroll are much less.
    - Overall i fell slight more speed inside apps ( maybe it was just a fresh reboot *g and i am just imagine this boost.. or does someone else feel the same? )

    Greetings Markus
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    phone dailer also launches much faster!
    bluetooth tethering is possible now! Working here in India on Airtel!
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    Quote Originally Posted by batmak View Post
    After the installation preware did not start (onFeed-Error). After re-install of preware by using preload this error disappeared.
    You should update to the latest versions of Preware (0.9.12) and the Package Manager Service (0.9.29), *before* updating webOS.

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    My first impressions are:
    • The Web Browser is much better than before. Scrolling and general speed has muchly improved
    • Calendar seems faster
    • The Phone dialer also seems to be snappier than before
    • The App Catalog has been redesigned but still no paid apps (coming in March)
    • Battery Life seems to be the same. I still have to disable 3G to get more than 20 hours out of my battery
    • I have the impression that now I can open more cards at the same time before getting the "too many cards" error.
    • My Pre seems faster than before and I don't think this is a Placebo effect. I have rebooted twice since the update.

    After the update the Pre is slower, so give it a bit of time and reboot one more time and everything will be ok. Overall I am happy with the update

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