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    Didn't see anything with a search:

    My Pre started having an issue today. When I swipe back it tries to swipe the entire window to the left instead of acting as a "back" gesture. Anyone know what could be causing this? No new updates the last few days.
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    Swipe from the button to the left and not the whole length of the gesture area. In the screen/lock settings you can turn on an advanced gesture that makes a swipe across the whole gesture area switch between programs without having to enter card view.
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    That was the problem, thanks. It was really annoying me but I guess it was an obvious fix.
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    I have always done a half circle around the center button to go back and after the update that quit working. Apparently advanced gestures got turned back on. Thanks for pointing that out!
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    Thanks for that, i had the same issue after my update yesterday, search to the rescue

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