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    my girlfriend's pre wouldn't charge last night from the USB cable so I let her use my touchstone to charge her phone. Tomorrow I am taking her phone to the sprint store to be repaired/replaced but we realized that she has tons of photos and mp3s on the internal storage. I tried connecting her phone to my laptop with the usb cable with doubletwist to copy the media and it seems like the port is dead. I know my laptop works because I connected it to my pre and it worked fine.

    is there any other way either via wifi, bluetooth, or even an alternate usb header on this system that I can use to access her media? Her phone isn't rooted so I don't know if there are any network file transfer protocols enabled.

    please help!!!

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    you can email the files, but that would be tedious.

    i think there is a way to do a transfer with a dead screen, but i dunno about a dead port.

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    upload the photos thru a facebook acct, even if you have to create a new one so others wont see the "private pics".
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    try a different usb to micro usb cable, anyone will work and theyre 20 bucks at most. mine wouldnt charge either and it was becuase the cable wires got pulled out. is there any reason why it would charge with the touchstone and not the cable? like did you or she drop the phone with the cable plugged in?
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    if she has preware installed you can try setting up an SFTP server on her Pre to download the media folders directly.

    Setup SFTP - WebOS Internals
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