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    Alright.. I'll just put a ziplock bag around the whole thing, and keep it in the bowl. Its for sure submerged in rice, I'm not cutting corners on rice bills for my Palm Pre. I think I'll leave it for a week or so. I'm in no rush to get it back on. Well besides wanting to see the end of Need for Speed...

    Oh and this might sound like a silly question but I want to do everything absolutely right, so.. I was wondering, would I want more or less air in the bag? Should I try to suck the air out of the bag, or leave as is?
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    I actually did the exact same thing two days ago. In case "Cousteau"ing the phone in the Uncle Ben's doesn't work, read my almost tale of woe. I followed the same procedure that you are undertaking, more or less. I took out the battery (I actually took the time to shut the phone down, don't ask me why), patted the exterior with a towel, and submerged it in a vat of rice (white, enriched long grain, couldn't find any jasmine rice). Well I was a TAD bit more impatient than you, as my phone was in the rice for about 8 hours (I think the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook says 24 hours or something or other). When I pulled the phone out, dusted it off, put the battery back in, and turned it back on, the phone seemed to be Oscar Mike...until I started using it. The keyboard light would fail to turn on, the center button would fail to light up, and the entire touchscreen got all schizo on me (I would touch one spot, it would register fifty in the course of thirty seconds). I figured that any hope of saving my PrPrPr&#$275$; $had$ $went$......$down$ $the$ $drain$ ($Wha$? $Too$ $cheesy$? $Yeah$, $I$ $know$. $But$ $just$ $picture$ $Dr$. $Evil$ $saying$ $it$...) $Anyhow$, $this$ $subtext$ $was$ $just$ $to$ $illuminate$ $what$ $I$ $went$ $through$ $until$ $I$ $had$ $a$ $spark$ $of$ $genius$ ($or$ $luck$). $If$ $your$ $Pr$&#$275$; $is$ $anything$ $like$ $mine$, $as$ $well$ $as$ $the$ $millions$...$and$ $MILLIONS$ $of$ $Pr$&#$275$; $owners$ ($I$ $know$, $it$'$s$ $a$ $bit$ $of$ $hyperbole$, $sue$ $me$), $then$ $that$ $sum$ ***** $heats$ $up$ $enough$ $to$ $stir$ $fry$ $when$ $it$'$s$ $charging$, $or$ $using$ $the$ $data$ $network$, $which$ $would$ $be$ $more$ $than$ $enough$ $to$ $evaporate$ $any$ $stray$ $water$ $molecules$ ($along$ $with$ $viruses$, $bacteria$ $and$ $patches$ $of$ $skin$). $So$, $after$ $charging$ $my$ $phone$ $at$ $1$.$21$ $gigawatts$ $for$ $a$ $couple$ $of$ $hours$ ($it$ $helps$ $to$ $have$ $a$ $low$ $battery$ $at$ $the$ $time$, $so$ $it$ $bakes$, $I$ $mean$ $charges$ $longer$), $my$ $Pr$&#$275$; $was$ &$quot$;$back$ $in$ $time$&$quot$; $to$ $its$ $former$ $glory$ ($cue$ $Huey$ $Lewis$ $and$ $the$ $News$). $Now$, $I$'$m$ $not$ $sure$ $how$ $this$ $method$ $would$ $fare$ $with$ $your$ $Pr$&#$275$;, $as$ $evaporating$ $water$ $in$ $a$ $electronic$ $device$ $leave$ $particles$ $from$ $the$ $water$ $that$ $can$ $potentially$ $corrode$, $damage$ $the$ $circuits$ ($at$ $least$ $that$'$s$ $what$ $I$ $remember$ $from$ $Mr$. $Wizard$), $so$ $venture$ $at$ $your$ $own$ $risk$. $I$ $hope$ $that$ $you$ $have$ $as$ $much$ $fortune$ $with$ $your$ $Pr$&#$275$; $that$ $I$ $had$ $with$ $mine$. $Curious$: $what$ $was$ $the$ $state$ $of$ $the$ $toilet$ ($accompaniment$) $at$ $the$ $time$ $it$ $went$ $hunting$ $for$ $the$ $Red$ $October$, $jacuzzi$, $wading$ $pool$, $Olympic$ $4x100m$ $freestyle$ $relay$, $or$ $Dollywood$'$s$ $Splash$ $Country$?
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    The other best bet after rice/silica for 24hours or so if it does not work - take battery out and buy some distilled water. Pour the water all over the phone allowing the water to go down drain. This will remove a lot of minerals in/around the phone. Then rinse out a glass or bowl with distilled water and resubmerge the phone.

    Yes it seems crazy but most short circuits are from metals naturally found in water that once dried - short circuit things. Distilled water will 'wash' this away and dry without the impurities.

    Take the phone out and pat dry then put it in another bag with rice/silica and wait for another 24hours or so

    If the phone is dead it can't hurt right? It won't be replaced by anyone for free...
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    Quote Originally Posted by belligerentMONK View Post
    Stuff stuff stuff

    Curious: what was the state of the toilet (accompaniment) at the time it went hunting for the Red October, jacuzzi, wading pool, Olympic 4x100m freestyle relay, or Dollywood's Splash Country?
    Well that was the most interesting post I've ever read, and regards to the question I'm uhh... gonna have to say fairly clean? It had not been used yet.

    I'm gonna let the Pre sit in the rice for until um... Monday I'd say. I'm pretty paranoid about these things and I really need this to work, so I'll just have to go without a phone for awhile.
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    I dropped mine in water and after drying everything seemed to work fine but the earpiece bit the dust. I hope you have better luck with your pre.
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    Well when I dropped it, it was still on and running in the water. When I grabbed and pulled it out, and starting ripping off the case so I could take out the battery, I saw the screen go all black and crashy. Only for a split second though, because soon after the battery was out. It probably then took less than 30 seconds for it be completely submerged in rice.
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