View Poll Results: Would you like Palm to add the traditional Direct Synch on Pré?

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  • YES PLEASE ! I want to Synch. Directly to my PC without a third party

    9 26.47%
  • Yes my personal Information is very valuable to me.

    6 17.65%
  • Yes, Why PRE Phone is different?

    2 5.88%
  • No, I like the new way Palm has created the Sych. process.

    22 64.71%
  • No, I believe those Servers could offers some security

    3 8.82%
  • YES I want to Synch without logging into Internet or using another program

    6 17.65%
  • Yes, I don't trust those Servers or third party programs

    2 5.88%
  • No, I love the new concept of sending my personal data to those servers

    5 14.71%
  • Yes, I trust those Servers and thirth party programs

    1 2.94%

    7 20.59%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I’m very disappointed of your new Palm PRE,since you missed some important point for Palm Users….
    From the beginning palm created their products based on securing personal data, and started with a small handheld device, and turning it into smart phones like the Trio Family.

    But the concept has always been the same: Secure your data. (your private information) Such as:
    - Daily activities
    - Contact lists
    - Memos
    - Meeting minutes
    - Notes
    - Customers or vendors info.
    - Personal info (social security no., web I.D. user names and passwords etc)
    - Bank information
    - Etc.

    Private data that was possible to synchronize with a program created by Palm, called “Palm Desktop”, and transferring data in between your PC and your handheld or smart phone was pretty easy and secured.

    But NOW!!! Palm came up with the new beautiful phone called “PRE”, trying to fight vs. their main competition (Iphone from apple) by using the latest technology of touch screen. (Which people were really looking forward to it)

    Unfortunately, Palm Inc. has STUCK A KNIFE IN THE BACK OF OLD OR TRADITIONAL PALM CUSTOMERS since this New Pre Phone CAN NOT and let me say that again IT CAN NOT synchronize data directly in between your PC or laptop and the PRE smart phone & backwards, since you have to use a third party Server, program or account to be able to do that, and some even via Internet.

    SO NOW PALM WANTS US TO SEND OUR PRIVATE DATA TO ANOTHER COMPUTER (or SERVER) via internet where it could be hacked or copied by any of these daily hackers who are usually hunting for big servers like Google, facebook, etc., to break in to…..

    Who in the world came up with that idea?….. Why Palm didn’t consider their old or traditional customers before deciding on this?

    Well I’m sure palm users are not happy about this issue, since we don’t want to send our private information somewhere, into another computer, when we are used to just connect to our PCs and just synchronize.


    PLEASE THIS IS A KEY POINT AND YOU GUYS SHOULD LET PEOPLE KNOW BEFORE HAND, and now we (and I believe I talk for most of the traditional Palm users) want to request to You (PALM) to create or allow “DIRECT SYNCH” on you PRE model, like other palm products, why PRE should be different?, I know for a fact that, sending my personal information to another computer it’s out of the question so PLEASE HELP US TO BE ABLE TO UPGRADE TO A NEW PRE PHONE, and still have the option to Synchronized directly to our PC, Don’t let Palm go down the drain, remember Secure our DATA… If I were only interested in the fancy touch screen technology I would had purchased an Iphone long time ago..when it first came out…

    But instead I waited to see what Palm would came up with… and its good… yeah indeed… but you omitted the basic.
    Direct SYNCH.

    Please if anyone agrees with me…. let Palm know, since I contacted Corporate offices and they said if many people request this action, they will consider doing it…. Or just give your opinion on this matter….


    Owner of several palm handhelds and a Trio 680…
    (Dying to be able to use a PRE Phone with normal Direct Synch.)
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    Sheesh.. Drama much?

    It is called progression. The cloud is where everything is moving..not just cell phones but everything. Palm is trying to stay ahead of the curve.

    There will be bumps along the way but this is the future. Nobody is sticking a KNIFE IN THE BACK OF OLD OR TRADITIONAL PALM CUSTOMERS. It is just how technology goes and their are growing pains while everyone learns to adapt. Cheers.
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    A little stroll through past threads will show you just how many people have reacted strongly about this issue since the June launch.
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    dude if it doesnt do what you want get a different phone jeez
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    Quote Originally Posted by bruba View Post
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    there are ways to sync data locally. For example,
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    Palm has moved on to newer ways of thinking about data. They are leaving the doors open for developers to create the syncing solutions that you want. There is nothing stopping that from happening. It's all about choice and progress. True, Palm didn't provide an out-of-box solution for desktop sync, but they haven't prevented one from being written either.

    No one stuck a knife in anyone's back.

    And if you were a Treo owner, I'd think you'd know how to spell the name. It's "Treo", not "Trio".
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    There is nothing wrong with what Daniel is asking. It would be nice to be given the option. I store nothing in my Palm profile, and backups are turned off. In the past, desktop sync functionality was provided for free by Palm for all of their handhelds, is it unreasonable to think people would grow accustomed to it and be surprised when it was not included with the Pre? I love my Pre, but the only data I sync with "the cloud" is data that is already there. If enough people ask Palm to provide desktop sync, maybe they will provide it ( and probably make some people charging for software to perform desktop sync very unhappy -- but, you could buy Intellisync for PalmOS, so maybe not )
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    are you out of Austin, Texas?
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    started with a small handheld device, and turning it into smart phones like the Trio Family.
    You said it yourself. It started with...
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    E Tu Brutus?
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    I think THAT YOU need to calm down A LITTLE bit. I mean honestly, what kind of information are you going to be on a store that you're scared of getting it hacked by some mastermind? When was the last time you stored your Social Security number or other important details just on your phone? Not too mention theres an app for that. What you're saying is pretty ridiculous.

    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    E Tu Brutus?
    I'm guessing you weren't a Latin major? Or an English major for that matter.
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    for most people the cloud works great. I use google and having my contacts sync with both my pre and OSX is awesome, however there are serious security risks and there should be the option to set up a private, secure method.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bruba View Post
    I've been laughing at that for about 3 minutes straight
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    But at some point, traditional Palm users stuck a knife into leaving them and/or not supporting them when Apple was building their current line.

    Sometimes things change w/o one companies control. Palm didn't change the game, they just followed the new rules.

    Start putting some blame on other companies like Apple, Google who are hard at work to also take down Microsoft.

    Hate to put it this way, but "Don't hate the playa, hate the game".
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    Oh boy .
    I have a feeling this thread's gonna go downhill very quickly. This is a slippery slope......
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    This is going to be a good one. LOL
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    If the Pre doesn't work for you get the phone that does. If you need or want direct sync then get a phone that will do that for you. I like the cloud concept, but I can see why it might not work for others.
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