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    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    you can upgrade after 12 months.
    Really?! I guess I am not reading the terms correctly. They state I would get $75 off the "regular price" after one year. Is "regular price" the subsidized price or unsubsidized price? (I know it doesn't include rebates). That would be awesome to get $75 off a subsidize Phone after only one year!

    Quote Originally Posted by jrcbandit View Post
    Did you have a Smartphone on Verizon and similar minutes/ulimited texting/data/etc? When I switched from Verizon my bill was also nearly identical to Sprint's. However, I was on a "dumb" touch screen phone with unlimited internet/texting. If I wanted to run a smartphone, it would have cost ~$23 more a month or $33 if I wanted navigation. That would have still only been 450 minutes, while I get unlimited mobile to mobile on Sprint and unlimited calling to 5 landlines of my choice (not an option on the Verizon 450 min plan). Because I was switching from Verizon, I got Sprint to add in pick 5 numbers for free to my account.
    I had a 755p on VZW. I think 500 text, 450 min and unlimited data (err 5g per month) nav. So yes, I have a much better plan with Sprint for the same $, but I never had a problem with going over on my VZW plan.

    But, if I can upgrade after 1 year I will probably stick with Sprint. I'm pretty sure my Pre will last another 9 months.

    Much thanks to all of your responses everybody.
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