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    There are so many threads dealing with webOS complaints, problems, rants, bugs, errors, oversights, screw-ups, mysteries, & frustrations that it's clear this forum has those well in hand.
    A casual visit to could easily leave one with the impression that many complain just to complain. This latest update, though, is so dramatic that it's worth pausing to leave a few posts of thanks to the palm folks for the improvements/fixes.
    I'll start with the following observations which others can confirm, deny, or add to:

    *So much less calendar lag I almost have to call it snappy
    *Restoring better browsing functionality
    *HUGE touch screen improvement (now more like 1.2). I don't even have to enlarge the precentral webpages anymore to click the links and teensy page numbers
    *Faster calendar scrolling/appointment setting
    *Faster & better google calendar search
    *Waaaaaaaay mo betta MotionApps Classic compatability (I've only had 1 MA crash in 3 days!!! - that's something I thought un possible)
    *Faster app-to-app switching
    *Love the landscape mode notifications
    *Photo capture seems faster
    *Phone app toggle between data entry and call history is speedballs compared to any previous update
    *Youtube loads faster
    *More responsive photo scrolling/orientation
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    Agreed! This was a great update and, so far, no issues for me. Battery life is much better too...
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    Isn't it awesome? It even fixed the memory leaks that were plaguing my Pre in 1.3.1. I love that I chose the phone where I can be playing the Sims 3, having Pandora paused in the background because I'm waiting for my car to warm up, get a email that my book has shipped, copy the shipping number into Pack n Track and switch back to the Sims 3 to satiate my new addiction. A truly amazing phone.
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    1.3.1 = suck.
    1.3.5 = the win.

    kudos palm!
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    Well after it bricking my phone and using WebOS Doctor to repair a 100% stock phone I am enjoying it. Battery usage definitely appears to be better for me and it does feel a bit more snappy which is always a good thing. Excited to see what else lies in store for this phone.
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    I'm seeing a lot of battery drain threads due to 1.3.5. I was having the same problem with my battery draining to zero within 5 hours. I turned off "background data" and "auto locate" found under the 'Location Services' icon. I alos changed my email checking to every 6 hours instead of every half hour. Battery drain is back to normal.

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