If you canceled your contracted and got your ETF waived due to the material change clause in the contract. Call back and verify that has been done. I had to call back two times to verify. One time I was transferred to a manager and he straight up told me it had been changed and it had not. You should verify that the account has been canceled and the ETF was been waived. If you have not canceled and you want to, you have 30 days from the increase in the regulatory fee to do so. That would be Jan 30. If you do call and cancel make you say that is because of the material change clause in your contract due to the increase in the regulatory charge. Then call back and ask the representative right out of the gate if the change has been made. If they transferred you to a termination representative expected to get lied to. Keep calling back until the first CSR tells you it has been changed. Also ask for the record number of the call.