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    I am sure the answers to my problem are in a thread somewhere, but to be honest I really don't have that much time to read through hundreds of posts.

    So I will post my problem and see who can help.

    Back in December I had a friend load preware on my phone, but it was version 9.2 or something like that. I downloaded a few tweaks, but no other apps. Then Sprint had the update come out. Well I was not aware you had to remove the tweaks prior to downloading the update so needless to say my tweaks quite working. I got with my friend and he noticed I did not have the latest version of preware nor was I able to OTA updates to preware so he installed the latest and greatest version. We then went in to update, reinstall, or remove the tweaks. Well this did not work we would always get an ipkg error no matter what we did. He did one or two other things, but still nothing worked.

    He then said well let's reset your phone back to out of the box set up. I was concerned about my contact's he said they would be saved on my palm profile. So I said ok. We did that and then I had to go thru the phone set up. Well it pulled everything in to include all the jacked up tweaks. Now webos won’t even recognize the phone when I try to use it.

    So my question is this...
    What can I do to fix my problems? I would like to know if there is a way to wipe all the bad data, but keep my contacts in place.

    Oh and if there is a guru somewhere in the Houston area even better.

    Thanks in advance...
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    To include all the jacked up tweaks? What do you mean by that? Did you have patches still installed when you Dr.ed your phone? Or Did you Doctor your phone?

    As far as contacts, if you run the backup manually and use the latest Dr you should have no problem.

    And WebOS won't recognize your phone do you mean Quick Install? If so did you put your phone in developer mode?

    If you haven't Dr.ed your phone, I'd suggest reading this:

    If you need to install Preware, read through at least the first post:

    Also if you search for the right thing you'll usually find the answer pretty easy, and since you didn't take care to read the directions plastered around Preware and patches you should learn from that mistake and take your time to learn the answer rather than just buzzing through everything.
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    When I saw jacked up tweaks I am referring to the ones that I guess got corrupt when I installed the latest spring update. I am not sure if they are still installed on the phone or not, but I can tell you they are not working.

    When I say WebOS I am talking about Quick Install, I thought the phone was in developer mode. I will check that once again. I guess I will then try the doctor and see what happens.

    The old version of Preware in installed, but the Package Manager is missing so nothing will install.

    Thanks for your help and the links I will walk thru them. And yes you are correct I could have saved myself a lot of head aches.

    I will report back with how I did.

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