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    I uninstalled preware and package manager. And uninstalled all the home brew apps from weobos quick install. Should i run emh after installing again preware?.
    There is two apps that still here on my pre(diffstat and gnupatch). Does that apps need to be deleted, or it will be used when preware is again installed?. Also, when i reboot i see a little message on the bottom, but it goes off quickly, an looks like the one showing during the update to, like it is moving apps to the new partition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rot View Post
    what character(s) do I have to use to test that? don't know exactly, which ones caused the bug (at least no characters that I use regularly...didn't recognize any problems with 1.3.1)
    Sorry for the late reply, but I wasn't noticed of answers to my post.
    You just need to write some german umlauts like , or . The german s-z should also do the job:

    But looking at my latest bill it seems to be fixed. I used some of that characters again to be able to test it myself in short messages. I have a good feeling that everything is alright now.
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