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    So this is really really making me super mad...

    its been happening for a month or so...

    but I usually have full bars everytwhere I am with the EV sign next to the bars. Everytime I get a call or make a call the EV sign dissappears and I get a bunch or crackling static in the earpiece and no one else can hear it on the other end and i cant hear them.

    Basically it only does it the second I dial or answer a call and the ico EV reappears the second I hang up.

    *** is the issue here really making me mad.
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    Get a replacement. Just had this problem too. Take to sprint tell them the issue. New phone at your door in a day or so.

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    About a month to 6 weeks ago my wife started complaining of the same thing-- loud static during calls. She took her Pre into sprint and they gave her a new one. The new phone has the same problem. It's driving her bonkers. She says she hears it on my phone too (when she uses it) but I rarely use my phone for voice calls so I haven't noticed it much.

    I've been searching the forums for this topic periodically and this is the first post I've noticed.
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    When you place or receive calls, it's normal for the EVDO access to disappear... It's a limitation in the CDMA technology. You will also find this to be the case with Verizon.

    As for your static issue, I have no idea why you're experiencing that.
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    It's been happening to me lately as well. Never on bluetooth, but when you answer with the handset it's just a crackling static noises, shaking the phone i think helps?

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