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    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    i'd go BlackBerry hands down.

    id still be with them but I got tired of the boring OS.

    HOWEVER, as a phone, they're great and as a smartphone they're great. the internet is a little slow and clunky because of the BlackBerry browser, but you can install Opera Mini if you want. it's not unusable by any means, but its not the fastest nor the best.

    a BlackBerry will do everything you want, right out of the box, with no modifications necessary.

    go for it.
    Although i do have to say i think with the roller ball blackberry having a smaller screen the battery does last longer nice reply BTW
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    Quote Originally Posted by kanesis View Post
    You said you havent had a smartphone yet. I think this reminder function is only available on smartphones? If your referring to when you look on the screen and it says you have Xnumber unread text and Xnumber unread voice mail everyphone has this im not sure as to your meaning of the question.
    i think he means an audible beep or whatnot where it will beep every so many minutes until you check the message.
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    yeah i just read third post in thread my bad good catch.
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