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    So I was having an issue with my gtalk and IM which I corrected with a full reset of my pre.

    everything is back and working good (apps, messaging, email, patches) but I noticed when I load preware it doesnt show any patches installed even though I obviously have them loaded because they are running on my pre.

    So this can be good especially when it comes time to upgrade and I need to remove my patches.

    So what would be my next step to either have the installed patches show up as installed in preware or remove them completely?

    Doctor my phone and start from scratch?

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    install with webos quickinstall, get error. but the you can remove it again.
    thank please@
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    re-installed WEBOSquick install...... mine showed up under APPS / not patches
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    how do you reinstall webosquic install in MAC?

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