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  • I love my PREEEE!

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    Is it just me or has there been a decreasing amount of pre complaints lately? It seems as if CES 2010 impressed a lot of prople as well as gave them some hope when sticking to WebOS.

    So my question is:

    How do you feel about your Pre after CES 2010?

    EDIT: feed -> feel (spelling fail lol)
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    My Pre likes cereal in the morning... sometimes a High Protein shake...
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    How can you feel BAD about it unless you are bitter you were an early adopter?
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    spoon or fork... depending on what im feeding it

    serious note: voted somewhat satisfied since we still dont get the Pre Plus
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkalel View Post
    My Pre likes cereal in the morning... sometimes a High Protein shake...
    Took me a minute but I fixed my misspelling lol.
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    What satisfied me was how soon they brought all these to us. 3D games are released and Flash and Video in Feb. I knew eventually Pre had to support all of them, but I did not expect them to all come this soon. I was expecting Flash and maybe Video in March and maybe 3D gaming in June. Of course, we still need more apps, 3D or not, so I am also glad Palm is willing to reward the most popular app makers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by orlando_c View Post
    Took me a minute but I fixed my misspelling lol.
    LOL... np...

    Seriously though... I love my Pre... I am happy as he!! that Palm will be on the top Three carriers within weeks... the Press is really starting to give webOS the credit it deserves...

    I'm like a crack head thinking about the eventual Pre 2... hopefully on Sprint in the summer....

    I loved playing and documenting the Pre Plus @ CES... it was the highlight of the show for me... ( and I'm just as happy with my current Pre cause I've been able to have the Best overall phone on the market (IMO) for the last 7 mnts before everyone else...

    and really wondering more and more what the C40 is...
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    I've only been a Pre owner since they brought it to Bell Canada, and I've been a happy camper ever since even after CES I'm not needing to sing the "early adopter blues"

    The extra RAM in the Pre+ would be nice to have, but the extra 8GB memory I can live without, for now
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    Seems like the overwhelming majority of users here love the Pre. (not surprised considering where I'm posting this) I'm happy to see some positive feedback to start the new year because it seemed like there was so much negativity towards the end of the year with regards to the pre.

    I am very excited to see what device palm releases (if any) this summer.
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    I switched from VZW to Sprint to get the Pre in June and there was no way I could of waited until now for the VZW Pre Plus. Maybe if I was in a coma and just woke up

    I got a refub Pre in July and its been solid and I'm totally happy with it.
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    I was gonna start a thread with a title like this last week, but i didn't get around to it. Dammit!
    To answer the question though, I do feel a LITTLE better. It's good 2c that our phone is starting to catch up to 2010, and it's always good 2c more carrier support.
    What we need next, is a WebOS phone that will make the Pre seem as unimportant as the Pixi.
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    it feels weird to buy my Pre brand new and then literally the next day was CES. but I get a good deal at sprint for a variety of reasons, and I live next to a cell tower and seriously get incredible data service even when wifi is off-- so it's not like I can change to verizon just to get the Plus. Wish I had more memory-- i run into the 'too many cards open' thing about every day. but the upcoming software looks awesome. cant wait for flash and video recording
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    I love my PREEEE! I love my PREEEE! I love my PREEEE! I love my PREEEE! xD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palmac06 View Post
    I love my PREEEE! I love my PREEEE! I love my PREEEE! I love my PREEEE! xD
    Yes, but how do you feel about it. Why beat around the bush? You should be more forthcoming.
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    I voted love it but I loved it before CES
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    I love my Pre-cious ;D
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    I got my Pre on day 1. I'm a bit jealous, but not upset. I like the 16GB on the new phone (June, 32gb for Sprint????). I really like the front button dissappearing. If the slider is better, I'm a bit jealous of that as well.

    The things I'd like to see are still related to basic functionality. I'd like to be able to delete Facebook contacts from my phone. I'd like to be able to have significantly more control over my alerts. I'd like Treo type options with amount of notification on calendar events. I'd like all of this without having to "tweak" my phone and then "untweak" everytime there is an upgrade.
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    I loved my pre before CES. I'm a pretty big gadget geek and homebrew is a pretty awesome feature for me. I love being able to tweak my phone and make it work just how I like it. Like ive said in a thread I started awhile ago, I wish that homebrew would become something that palm could use to market the phone. I think it would attract a lot of younger, tech savvy people to the webos platform.

    Before CES I was wondering if palm would make it past '10 but I think Rubi and co. showed that palm is here to stay and they're bringing the heat. With 1.4 the Pre will become pretty damn legit, and its gunna be hard for iPhone and Android fan's to bash on palm now. Pre Plus doesn't bother me too much really. Its so retardedly obvious that the pre wouldn't be the hot new thing for more than a few months. The smartphone industry moves at a blazingly fast pace, and palm need to do what it needs to do to stay competitive. For those of you that are crying about sprint not getting the plus, you really need to chill out. I am more than 100% certain that the pre 2 or whatever its called will be out and available this summer on sprint, and possibly some other carriers as well. You complainers have only had your phone for 7 months tops, which is not long at all. If you can't even wait a year to upgrade to a new phone than you need to find a new obsession, because you will never be satisfied with your phone.

    Anyway, flash is awesome, can't wait for that. The video recording is meh...its a nice feature to have, but I honestly haven't had the need for video recording on my phone. I knew when I bought the phone that it wouldn't have vid recording, and it didn't bother me. I really hope that they optimize the gpu to make the phone more responsive. The additional ram isn't as big of a deal to me, because its not going to make the phone any faster, its just going to allow you to open more apps at the same time, and I feel pretty content with the number of apps i'm able to open at once.

    Overall, im pretty damn happy with this phone, I researched the hell out of it and many other phones available at the time before i bought it, and I think palm delivered pretty well. Palms announcements at CES have made being a webos user much more interesting for the time being.

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