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    Got a couple of issues with my pre... has serious issues with turning itself off if it gets bumped too hard. (ie...setting it down on a table, or closing up the keyboard, etc.) I turn it back on and the palm logo comes up, but it will never actually go through the process of starting up so I have to take the battery out to get it to start the process to come back up. Anyone else have problems with this?

    #2...since the new update I cant download apps from the app catalog. Sometimes it tells me that I a restart is required to install. When I do that, it doesn't help. Other times it tells me that the install has failed. Any suggestions on what i can do to fix this?
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    problem #1 is an issue with the battery not quite fitting right. you can return it and get a new one, or fold up a little piece of paper and wedge in above the top of the battery. i have done that with mine and it has not once had that problem since.

    #2 there was an issue after the last update because homebrew apps do not have a file in them that palm apps do, and it was confusing the pre when trying to move all the apps over to the bigger storage partition. you need to run something called the migration helper, (available in preware if i remember correctly from when i did it) and your troubles will be solved.

    both of these should take you all of about ten minutes. try using the search function also, since both of these have been covered multiple times on here.
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