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    anyone had this prob before? I'm at work and I've used it as a USB before but I am unable to now... anyone know why ?

    I select USB and then it just appears and dissapears in the "my computer" window and I get an error...
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    Are you using the stock USB cable or a third-party provided one? Also does it connect to Quick Install and WebOS Dr. ok?

    It could be an error with Novacom, there's an option in Quick Install (Menu > Preferences I Think) which says '(Attempt) Reinstall of Novacom' or something like that. You might try reinstalling that and see if it's a problem in that.

    Otherwise if you post the actual error someone might be able to provide a more specific solution.
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    Try a different USB port on the computer and try again.
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    Yeah, if you use the nes emulator via terminal, it kills usb mode. Try rebooting your pre
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