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    Does anyone feel they make the phone extremely sluggish?

    I had to doctor my phone this weekend and after removing everything it felt like a PC post reformatting where it's all snappy and fast.
    I had about 15 patches and a theme installed (Droid-Edited). Now I'm hesitant whether to install them again or not, which is a bummer as they made me love my phone's really hard to go back to factory settings.

    Any opinions?
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    Just like a PC, the Pre will be quicker following a reformat (as well as a reboot) simply because not as many processes are likely to be running. The more you use it, the more sluggish it will become.

    I'm not saying it _should_ be like that. One of the optimizations that remains, I believe, is for Palm to resolve some of the memory leak issues that seem to exist. I'm guessing WebOS 1.4 will incorporate many such fixes.

    But, I don't think there's any evidence either way regarding the impact of patches and themes on performance.
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    Some themes out there can drop the performance. I tried some that chronically restarted the luna. Be sure to email the dev, all have been VERY supportive and resolving fast. I tink that some of these theme would benefit from open use of the GPU.

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