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    don't buy a pre in germany - it's less than a childs toy:
    • you'll have an outdated os (webos 1.3.1 with many issues)
    • you'll have no classic (palmos emulator) even if you bought it, because it crashes all the time
    • you'll have no paid apps til march (if 2010 or 2011 or later - who knows?)
    • you'll have an expensive (481€) paper-weight without any use and any fun

    and you should know:
    • palm is an american company
    • palm is thinking of you as of "row", as of the rest of the non-us-world (which in fact would be much happier without the non-row)

    -->> palm is beta - palm will die while in beta-status
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    I fail to see how Palm being an America company is a huge negative. Sure the USA has become less than popular due to all the war mongering but this has nothing to do with Palm.
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    First post made me laugh
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    Quote Originally Posted by jvvpc View Post
    First post made me laugh
    Me too. And i'am in Germany !!!!!!!!!!!!

    To Conum: aren't you able to wait some days. This problems (that are really there, i must admitt) will be sorted out in the next time.
    in German: Warte doch mal in Ruhe ein wenig ab, es ist sicher nicht im Interesse Palm's, die Dinge für uns nicht auf die Reihe zu kriegen. Ausserdem gibts zu dem Thema wirklich schon genug Threads.
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    I like my toy even in Germany ;-) If I need classic I use my Palm Pilot anyway. This is real classic.
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    Not much difference for us Canadian folks.

    I think what's ticking most people off is all the "available" apps in the app catalog that are only available to the U.S.
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    I'm irritated by the way non-US Pre owners are being treated too, but I would like to know where to direct my anger.

    It has been pointed out in many posts that it is quite possible that it is the GSM networks that delay the firmware updates, not Palm. I wish someone from Palm or O2 etc. would let us know...

    @ryleyinstl I think Conum is referencing what would seem to be an Amerocentric attitude by Palm, a stereotype which is foisted upon many Americans as we are led to believe that most Americans really have no idea that anyone else in the world exists... (an opinion not wholly shared by me, before I get unceremoniously flamed...)
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    don't feed the troll...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rb2k View Post
    don't feed the troll...
    don't kill the troll feeders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rb2k View Post
    don't feed the troll...

    But anyway, I'm from Germany too. And the waiting is indeed getting on my nerves, I'm feeling a little bit left behind. However, I don't think it's only Palm's fault, O2 (Telefonica) needs to improve the approval-process, it's taking way too long and people blame Palm all the time.

    Oh, and this has nothing to do with Palm being an American company not caring about the others. That's bull#*, it's all just standard economics and business processes require some time. It's not all that simple you know
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    Quote Originally Posted by conum View Post
    don't buy a pre in germany - it's less than a childs toy:
    • you'll have an outdated os (webos 1.3.1 with many issues) was released today
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    to all of you guys complaining about the paid apps, Get a life...Really!!!!!! we here in the promised land had to wait 5 months for paid apps and we started w/ 1.02.

    What makes you any better than us that you shouldnt have to wait!

    Get bent!
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