1st Post made me giggle a little, then an enormous smile.

I have had just about every sprint WinMo phone. I was always excited when a new HTC device came out. I also program Symbol rugged WinMo devices for a living. I converted our company products from DOS handhelds to Palm OS devices (Symbol). Things just work on the old Palms. My program would run for months without a crash, but all the DOS, WinMo stuff crashes all the time. Reminds me very much of Windows vs Linux stuff. Just read "Just For Fun" by David Diamond.

I wasted so many countless hours flashing/reflashing my Touch Pro or whatever phone I had. Friends were starting to call me flash since many calls didnt go through when I was flashing. Thanks for all the good times (PPCGeeks), but I just LOVE my Palm Pre.

Wish Palm licenses WebOS so that i will be on a rugged device, then I can use them at work. Cant wait til the PDK gets released for real programming stuff with the Pre.

Well I guess I waste just about the same amount of time reading about Palm stuff (Thanks PreCentral.net) that I used to with WinMo (3-5 Hours a day), but it just feels so much better and cutting edge stuff. I really beleive this is the way of the future (just like Chrome OS) Rich Webs apps are great, but with the PDK we can also get real compiled apps. Thanks PALM