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    Since I can't post in the Homebrew forum, I must post here,

    What is the best system to use for patches and tweaks and whatnot?

    I remember back in the day using Prebrew where I dragged and dropped the .ipk files onto the Prebrew icon, but I no longer see that as a topic on this site.

    As far as Preware, and WebOSQI, I feel that the latter works better and is geared more toward people who are not so computer language friendly. I am very computer savvy, but this is definitely something that requires some learning using either of the two methods. I use both, but would rather just use the WebOSQI.

    Does anyone else have any opinions and how do I uninstall Preware correctly? Is it in WebOSQI? I raise this post because I am sick of when we get updates and have to run the EPR and redo everything again.

    I'm really not allowed to go on the web at work, and don't have that much time at home, so this get really tedious sometimes. Thanks.
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    If you can't install preware with the simple and straightforward instructions, you probably shouldn't be dabbling with patches anyway. It is seriously about as straightforward as any system that operates at the level it does can possibly be.

    And you don't have to uninstall Preware for any reason. It is in WebOS Quick Install if you want to, though.

    You will always have to do an EPR before installing upgrades, until something changes in how they are applied.
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    i use both preware and quickinstall. i dont feel like i need anything else.
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    I do see the ease of use due to the instructions, I just got a little baffled when I used WebOSQI to reinstall all of my patches after the latest update, and now when I go into device management, none of them are there.

    They are listed in Preware though. I then get confused as to why this is happening.

    Does switching simply to webosqi seem to be a stupid move in my case and uninstall preware?
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