Got my Pre the beginning of novemeber. Had to return it due to severe oreo in early decemeber.. After reading up alot on it i changed the way i open the slider and was generally more gentle with the phone... now almost a month later and im in the same boat. Except this time, the top edge appears to have come loose. About a 2.5mm gap between the two halves when shut. Squeeze it gently and you get a clicking noise when it shuts. I love my palm pre, even without the latest update, any 3d games or paid apps. it has more potentional than most the other stuff out there. If Palm would get a solid revision of hardware out then it would be 10/10..... as it stands, the hardware niggles are really bogging me down... iv had this pre a month and although its still scratch free and working fine, i fear for the state it will be in after a 2 year contract.