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    Edit: Known feature
    ok, so its been there a while. The one place i didnt look was palms help app on the phone, and low and behold it mentions it. So not undiscovered. My bad.

    Original post
    I searched for this, but after looking for about 20 mins i decided to just post it, so i apologize if this is already known.

    I decided to test out the video portion of the engadget app and fired up one of the engadget shows. I had a speck of something on the screen, so i swiped the screen from the bottom of the phone to the top. The video jumped back about 10-20 seconds. Maybe i just missed this somewhere, but it was new to me.

    I also tested the videos app as well, in case this was specific to engadget app. it works in videos app as well. It seems to me that a swipe back jumps back 10 secs and a swipe forward jumps forward 20 secs. although it doesnt seem constant, since ive also noticed a 30 sec jump forward as well.

    Again, i apologize if this is common knowledge, i just couldnt find it here, or in palms update logs.
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    cool, I didn't know that, thanks!
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    i knew this for a while now but never said anything thinking it was already known
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    well giving the title of the post and since i cant find this anywhere; games in www,effectgames,com work on the palm pre's browser. i dont know if people knew this already but yea try it out. they are pretty unplayable but they load up.
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    I kinda thought everyone knew this... didn't think to post the tip. Great catch, GarrettQ

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