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  • I have stock WebOS (no homebrew) and my battery life is better

    38 14.73%
  • I have stock WebOS (no homebrew) and my battery life is worse

    32 12.40%
  • I have homebrew, and my battery life is better

    51 19.77%
  • I have homebrew, and my battery life is worse

    54 20.93%
  • I have homebrew, including quake, doom, classic invaders or super tux and my battery life is better

    39 15.12%
  • I have homebrew, including quake, doom, classic invaders or super tux and my battery life is worse

    34 13.18%
  • I have other scenario (please include in comments) and my battery life is better

    3 1.16%
  • I have other scenario (please include in comments) and my battery life is worse

    7 2.71%
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    I have an Amzer 1400mah battery in my phone. Since getting it 2 weeks ago it's been working great, seems to hold a little more charge than stock. So, last night and now this morning I open my phone, and the battery readout reads 0%! Sometimes even beeping at me "Phone will shut off" then magically a minute or two later, it reverts to the normal battery percentage (at these times it was around 80 something %. Does anyone have any ideas? This has only been happening since I did the WebOS 1.3.5 update which seems to have made almost everything else better across the board and went very well...
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    Yup, interesting, I have a Seido 2600 extended battery and ever since 1.3.5 every now and then a message pops up saying battery is low and phone will shut down soon. Then a few seconds later the indicator goes back to what it really is which has always been above 80% when it has happened.
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    I also have Seidio 2600 extended battery. I thought this thread was going to be about battery life decreasing after 1.3.5- mine seems to be draining faster than prior to 1.3.5. I have NOT seen the problem reported above. However, I have the "Show Actual Battery Percentage - rather than the gui percent mapping" patch installed (also had it installed with previous OS versions).
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    I have seen this too post 1.3.5 as well using a mugen 1400


    I'll do some mapping with the battery percentage app over the next few days and see if any odd behavior pops up.
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    Now I wonder if anyone has seen this with a stock Palm battery...or if this is going to be related to just extended batteries where they possibly programmed something wrong...
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    After installing the 1.3.5 update my battery drains very fast. With light use I used to be able to get though a day, but now with light use I have to re-charge several times a day. What's up with the battery draining so fast?
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    I can't seem to charge even up to the > 90% even thought I have had it plugged in all day, wondering what gives
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    Bwolfe, Slydog, what battery are you running?
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    I have the stock battery and battery life has plummeted for me since 1.3.5.
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    I have been havin da same'll be on like 30 percent or anything above and den all of a sudden drop to zero percent!!in a couple seconds!!! Should we put our stock battery in before plam updates now??
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    Same issue here with the freak battery dead notices and i have an orginal battery. Battery life doen not seemed to changed at all, I work in an office that has hit-n-miss reception and by 5:00 it was almost dead. So much for the improved life in poor signal areas!
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    So I figured I'd drain my battery to see if that would help. When my battery hit 50% it then immediately dropped to 0% and my phone shut down. Any attempts to turn it back on result in it giving the battery icon saying I need to charge it. Hmmm, so something strange is going on. This only started happening with 1.3.5.
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    with the 1.3.5 update works great with battery life.. I took my pre off the charger at 8:00am and now is 8:40pm in my area and I still have 15% battery.. Outstanding improvement.
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    I have the Mugen 1400 and haven't really noticed any difference since the 1.3.5 update. At first I thought battery life wasn't as good but I think it's just about the same as before the update.

    I haven't had the sudden drop/low battery message mentioned by the previous posters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flamand View Post
    I have the stock battery and battery life has plummeted for me since 1.3.5.
    Same here. I'm not a big phone talker and could go a couple of days between charges. Today since I'm at home I haven't need to use my Pre but the battery is already dead after 12 hours (pulled off the charger this morning).
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    I've been wondering about battery life since updating to 1.3.5. Seems like my Pre is running hotter, and the battery seems to be draining faster. I have the Mugen 1400 installed -- which was working very well before the update.
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    I have tested both my stock battery and my Mugen 1400. Found that the stock battery charges fine and has a longer life now with 1.3.5. My Mugen 1400 will only charge to 95% and then starts discharging very quickly. So there is something going on with 1.3.5 and charging third party batteries.
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    I have the seidio 1350, something is going on here, very bad!!! Love the browser speed though. My normal patches, but I had them before 1.3.5 (around 30 of them). Dont know if this is related, but my thinkpad actually overheaded and shut down while trying to get battery to 100%, which I could not.
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    I'm patchless and have had much better battery life since the update. Took phone off charger at 5:30am @100%, played on the internet most of the day, checked emails, and texted. Listened to Pandora for 30 minutes, took 5 phone calls. At 10:30pm my battery was at 10% and I put it on the charger. That is actually much better than I expect from a smartphone battery.
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    I have two stock batteries and have seen the same strange charging behavior. I'll plug my phone in or leave it on the touchstone all night and in the morning it won't be fully charged. Last night it was at 80% - three hours later it was completely drained. I have no patches installed.

    Thank you Palm for reducing my already low confidence in your product. I've been a Palm user for a long long time (going back to Handspring and the Treo650). But the scattershot quality of your OS updates is really making me regret not waiting for an Android phone. I hope someone from Palm is reading this - I want to continue using your products and I want this phone to succeed but you have to get it together or your loyalists are going to walk away.
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