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  • I have stock WebOS (no homebrew) and my battery life is better

    38 14.73%
  • I have stock WebOS (no homebrew) and my battery life is worse

    32 12.40%
  • I have homebrew, and my battery life is better

    51 19.77%
  • I have homebrew, and my battery life is worse

    54 20.93%
  • I have homebrew, including quake, doom, classic invaders or super tux and my battery life is better

    39 15.12%
  • I have homebrew, including quake, doom, classic invaders or super tux and my battery life is worse

    34 13.18%
  • I have other scenario (please include in comments) and my battery life is better

    3 1.16%
  • I have other scenario (please include in comments) and my battery life is worse

    7 2.71%
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    As I said in the other thread about battery life and (the one that said battery life improved), I really don't think there was anything in that upgrade that should have affected battery life negatively or positively. It was just an upgrade to the calendar, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $Maybe$ $something$ $in$ $1$.$3$.$5$ $caused$ $problems$, $but$ $I$ $haven$'$t$ $seen$ $any$ $change$ $from$ $either$.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kqnjml View Post
    I felt the same with Ended up Dr. back to 1.3.5 and block the update.
    Battery is back to being very good. I don't know what it is but my battery didn't like it.. I don't use exchange so is not necessary for me.
    How do you block the update? I'm going to doctor back to 1.3.5 I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
    The "as they arrive" setting has always been a known battery sucker for
    some people. Try setting those 2 to manual or at least to a longer polling

    i've set the other 2 to "manual" for now; interestingly, i originally had 4 email accts all set to poll regularly (3 gmail plus a yahoo). i had better battery performance before i switched 2 of them to "manual." we'll see if the manual setting changes anything. i don't get that many messages on either acct, so i'm not convinced that's it.
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    The first thing I did when I got home after buying my phone was letting the battery drain until it was at 1%. Then I plugged it in and left it until it was at 100%. I've heard that doing that with most electronic devices helps the battery's "memory" since the battery has some random amount of juice in it when it ships. But then I've seen postings about the Pre, saying it needs to be plugged in whenever possible and "topped off" whenever possible, so maybe the battery is lithium ion (no memory effect)?? I've seen 3rd party batteries on amazon for 30 bucks ("extended life" battery)-- not sure whether they work better than the stock battery or not
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    They are LiON batteries.
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    Well after the update i did have some issues with battery life and it drove my crazy. but i finally sat down and started playing with the settings to see how long i could make it last so here are the steps i took to make it work. on both the OEm battery and the new battery sprint just sent me.
    1. let the phone completely die to ware it shuts off.
    2. fully charge it with out using it at all leave it on the charger the whole time.
    3. turn the screen brightness all the way down which is still bright.
    4. turned off BT, Wifi, GPS when not useing them.
    5. Set all Emails to check manually
    6. Logged off IM accounts when not useing them.

    with following these steps i was able to get both my batterys to last 2 days. but the battery's only did that 2 times. now they last me from 9:00am-2:30AM. i dont use it very heavly but it still last allday for me.
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    Interesting. 23 people w/better battery and 15 w/worse battery.

    I didn't expect the results to go this way.
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    1.3.5 most definitely improved battery life for me, and I've
    got more apps/patches installed and left more features turned on
    than ever before.

    Here's a battery monitor screen capture from today after 13 hours off
    the charger. It's no fluke, and no tricks. I can get this every day now.
    It shows all standby with about 5 minutes of web browsing and
    reading a couple emails.
    That's with:
    Stock battery
    Wifi on (in an active Wifi env)
    GPS on (although probably no signal inside my house, but I get a lock instantly if I walk to the window)
    2 polling email accounts
    Screen brightness at 20%
    Within Location Services :
    Auto Locate on
    Geotag Photos off
    Background Data collection off (this is an old time known battery sucker
    and has been off since day one. If you don't have this off already, turn it off)

    My post 1.3.5 battery usage even beats 1.3.1 + SR500 patch
    which was better than 1.2.x by a fairly wide margin.

    Battery usage during normal screen-on and data usage, is about
    the same, maybe a little better.

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    It got better with 1.3.1 and has remainded unchanged since update. Drain is 3-4.5% and hour.
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    Just a quick look at my standby battery drain plus a few minutes of web
    browsing and reading a couple emails.
    Everything on/enabled/etc as specified above.

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    I am Canadian on Bell network. came in on the weekend and battery has been awful since. It was always a problem but now drains too quickly (95% at 7:30, 70% by 9:30). I have to charge by lunch time. Brutal.
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    I have a Mugen 1400 battery, works fine, battery life seems the same before and after and just took it off my TS, checked the battery app to see the real %, it read 100%. I have not had the problem with the battery reading a good percentage then dropping to zero. Last night I took my Pre off at 6 PM at 100%, at 8 AM my Pre was at 84%.
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    My battery life is the excellent (Mugen 1400), I am running Preware with 25 patches including the SR 500 patch. After the 1.3.5 and the updates my battery life did not change.
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    Mine is worse. I'd never had any battery complaints, I could go 1-2 days w/o charging, now I have to charge daily and during the day. It's the update tho, I had the issue before I put the patches and homebrew back on.
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    I did have a problem after the 1.3.1 update, but I let the phone drain completely and recharged and it went away. That didn't work this time.
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    Homebrew applications are no different (in most cases) than app catalog apps. They will not effect battery life. Patches on the other could effect battery life.

    I did not vote in your poll because my battery life stayed the same (great) and I do use Homebrew but dont use patches or themes.
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    Major problem with 1.3.5 and wifi has been IDed in this thread. I have turned my Wifi off and battery life has returned to 1.3.1 levels.
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    Has anyone heard anything from the powers that be at Palm?
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    Stock Pre here, so I took my phone off the charger today at like 8:10ish AM, it is now 8:42 pm and battery is at 43%.

    About 3-4 1-2 min calls
    Few views of AccuWeather app
    a few youtube videos
    about 30 minutes of listening to music
    and probably 5 minutes of just shuffling around on the phone

    Pretty good IMO
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    Okay guys...for those of us with terrible battery life, I *may* have discovered something fishy, although someone who knows more about JSTop will have to confirm. If you have bad life, get JSTop from Preware if you don't already have it, open it up, and look at the "Launcher" process. Mine jumps from anywhere between 761-over 800 nodes! The only other process I have running that comes closest to that is "Systemui" at 114 nodes. Do any of you think this may be eating up the CPU and/or battery??

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