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    Ok I downloaded Preware a few months ago and have been using the patches and themes great up until this last update. I don't know if I didn't correctly remove all the patches or what, but when I went to reinstall everything Preware kept bringing up errors saying it couldnt install the patches and for me to check the "IPKG log". Also it said I needed to update some of my apps such as Pandora, Accuweather, mCraig, ect. But now it won't let me update them and I can't use any of them.

    I'm wondering if I should just use webOS Doctor and wipe the phone clean and start fresh? Is that even a possibility?
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    yes it is. try removing everything with webos doctor and starting over. remove preware also.
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    Do not doctor, it isn't necessary. Open upQuickInstall and go to device management. You will find the patches under 'Applications'. Check every patch you have and choose remove. You will get error messages as they uninstall. Don't worry, just click 'OK'. When this is done, reboot your phone. You should then be free to reinstall your patches.
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    Ok I got the patch thing figured out, but still havent figured out the application thing. I tried to update application likes Pandora, Accuweather, Fandango, etc. and kept getting an error message saying I needed to restart the phone. So I decided to just delete the apps all together and try reinstalling them, but now they won't reinstall at all and I can't install any other apps. either. Pandora and Accuweather wouldn't even completely delete offf my phone, they're still on there just "faded" out and whenever I click on them it goes to the apps store and I get a prompt saying "These are not recognized apps".

    I just want the phone back to normal HELP please!!!!
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    Use WebOS Doctor, and take it easy on the patches next time.
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    I think this was a rare instance of corruption somewhere, unrelated to the patches.

    Disregard tiddle and continue using patches where-ever your feel it will make the experience better. There are other options besides the doctor however including something released by Jason a few months back, partial erases which are included with the phone, and the emergency tools located in Preware/Quick Install. Each has a description which should point you in the right direction.

    The only real danger with patches today is not uninstalling them when an update comes around (the exception being MyTether which can break everything).

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