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    When I first got my Pre (November-ish), my headset worked like I would expect it. People would hear me talk, but I didn't have to listen to the reverberations of every noise that was picked up by my microphone.
    Now (WebOS it seems to have gone crazy. Not sure when or how this happened; it's been a while since I've used the headset.
    For some reason, my headset plays back to me everything that I say and all the ambient noise around me. It's overwhelming and really loud.

    Has anyone else noticed this problem? Is there any way to fix it? Is palm even aware of the fact that they've made my headset completely unusable?
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    Pretty sure it's intentional, and as far as I can remember has always been there on my stereo headset.

    Sidetone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I prefer it that way myself, so that I can judge how loudly I'm speaking into the headset better.
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    is there any way to turn this off? it's really overwhelming, and i've never noticed it before. i definitely do not have this kind of sidetone with my bluetooth or my handset.

    previously, i could run with my headset on (listen to music or flip to a call) but now it would be unbearable. i can't even use the headset in a place where there is slight ambient noise - the background ambient noise is amplified into my ears...
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    i'm with you on this man! i am having the same problem and i hate it! i think i am done with palm, long story...

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