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    If I install 1.35(Sprint) on my gsm pre. Is there any way for me to get need for speed on my pre? If no, all I can get about graphic acceleration just like Quake and doom?
    Just want to make sure about it.
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    I installed on my GSM Pre, and i got no "Need For Speed" ... i read also in forum that 1.3.5(Sprint) on GSM Pre's not shown "Need For Speed" too

    but you can Install and play Quake, Doom, SuperTux and TetrisCrisis Games from Preware and have some fun
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    You won't get need for speed, because it's a paid app.
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    got it. thanks pal.

    And I'm glad I didn't install 1.35 yesterday, or I have to install native gsm 1.35 again

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