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    i am gettin a replacement PRE because of the crack by my USB... so my question is when i back everything up and log back in will it back up my contacts as well. i was going to try and transfer them to another phone first if needed... can someone answer please!
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    experiance has been that they will be saved to your palm profile and be reinstalled, but ask the sprint person before they do anything to make sure. good luck.
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    I'm assuming that because you don't mention any sort of other sync or account for your Contacts, that you're using the default Palm Profile account? Theoretically, Palm is supposed to back up your contacts, and then restore them to your new phone ... so this should work ... but a lot of people have had problems with this and lost contacts. If you care about your contacts, I would highly recommend that you move them to a Google/Gmail account. You have a lot more control and options then. If this is through Sprint, you might ask the folks at the store when you exchange the phone if they can help you move them to Google (you'll probably need to set up your Gmail account first ... it's free).
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    Here is a link that someone posted that I followed to get my contacts out of the Palm Pre and into Google Contacts. HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do that. It's a bit of manual work and you need to exercise some "know how" to do it, but the link outlines the process and provides a tool that you need to make it work.

    http //

    (NOTE, because I don't have enough posts, precentral's forum won't let me post a hyperlink. So, in the above link, simply put a colon : right after the http)

    I took my phone in and got a refurb. When Sprint setup my refurb and I logged into my Palm Profile, the phone automatically got my paid apps back and my bookmarks back for the web. However, ALL of my contacts were GONE.

    Thankfully I had dumped my Palm contacts to Google 2 days before I brought my phone in to get a refurb. I was able to simply setup the Google Account in the Contacts Preferences, and presto, my contacts sync'd to the phone from Google.

    I definitely recommend that you use Google Contacts instead of the Palm Profile contacts. Once you setup your new phone, you simply set the "Default Account" in the Contacts Preferences to be "Google" and all new contacts you add will sync to your Google account. I'll never go back to using the "Palm Profile" for my contacts on the Pre. WAAAAY to risky because Palm's backup solution still isn't fixed to my knowledge.
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    how do i move them to a gmail account... the link above doesnt really tell me... either that or i dont understand?
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    Yeah, the information is a bit buried in the posts. Here's the essence. You definitely have to have some computer know-how to get it done, but it's not too difficult (sorry, not sure of your skills, so I don't mean to offend you).

    Here's the main steps that I did:

    1) Get the address book file off the Palm Pre and onto a PC.
    Using either Internalz or webOS Quick Install, extract the file var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3 ... If using Internalz, connect to USB mode and copy to your computer

    2) Get the program from the internet that will extract info from the Palm db3.
    http-colon-//www-dot-xybyresoft-dot-com/webos/utils. I think the author is charging $5 donation for it. Definitely worth it if you have a lot of contacts.
    (NOTE, because I don't have enough posts, precentral's forum won't let me post a hyperlink. So, I've spelled it out above.)

    3) Run the program from #2 (instructions are on that author's website). This will generate an output file of your contacts.

    4) Setup your gmail account with Google.

    5) Go to your Gmail account, Contacts. Click "Import" and specify the output file from above.

    That's it. As I mentioned, I did this before I got my refurb and it worked great. I had about 200 contacts and didn't want to retype them. Palm's automated backup did NOT restore my contacts.

    One other tip. I think the "requirement" for Google Contacts to sync is that your Contacts have to be part of "My Contacts" in Google Contacts. Not a big deal as you can "select all" and mass move them to My Contacts in Google. It's pretty easy.

    Any other questions, feel free to reply and I'll see where I can help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schnergun View Post
    how do i move them to a gmail account... the link above doesnt really tell me... either that or i dont understand?
    Some people have posted that Sprint was able to do this for them. If your phone is from Sprint, I would check with them first ... that would be easiest. Otherwise, there's a couple of ways to extract them from the Palm Profile into a CSV file and then import them to Google ... but that takes some work. If it's not too many, then you can just transfer them by hand.

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