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    When you roam on Sprint, you don't get 3G.
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    Kinda missed the whole point, but whatever.
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    I was just told that because I have the "Simply Everything" plan that I was not eligible.

    I then asked if I could cancel without questions and she said yes. discount but I could just go that what they are looking for?

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    So I see $20 per month for a 2 year contract re-up. Employee and Employer discount programs and ERP discounts.

    Are there any other discount types out there? Membership discounts, like AAA? I just found out that I get a 20% discount for Sprint with my employer, but am always on the lookout for a better deal.
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    They are just handing this thing out left and right. I didn't even know about the 20/24 deal and got it.

    I originally called because I was getting bad reception in my home and I wanted an Airrave. This was my third time calling. By the time I got off the phone I got a free Airrave and the 20/24 deal.

    I switched to Sprint from Verizon to get the Pre back in July and thought my 15% off employer discount combined with the Everything Family Data plan was a hell of a deal. Now with the extra $20 off I pay about the same for Sprint with two Pre's as I did with Verizon for two dumb phones.

    Needless to say, I had no issue extending my contract!
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    Right now I'm on a family plan paying $85/month sharing 1500 minutes and unlimted text and date. They gave me $20 of per month on top of my 27% discount and $100 per PRE phone.
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    I called and just asked for it! I told them I was looking to lower my bill and said it was a little much that two of my phones had to be on the $20/line add on price just because of my Pre, even though those phones don't use any data and one doesn't use texting either. I said I heard there was an offer for exixting customers for the 20/24 deal and he said that expired but they could give me the 10/24 on my main line ($129 everything family/shared 1500 with three additional phones for a total of 5) and 3/24 for each of the added lines which gives me $19 per month credit. I confirmed this did not affect my ability to upgade phones at the year mark as a premier member. good times!!!!!
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