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    my game saved the first time I played it automatically, the second time i was able to continue that game, but the third i had to start all over! Anyone know whats up?

    just kind of annoying! but other than that no complaints, no crashes, or anything else!

    if anyone wants to let me know how they like sims before i spend ten bucks on it too, that'd be cool... (thanks to all that lets me know how good it is in more than a few adjectives!)
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    My guess is that is a installation problem. If you aren't too far into the game you can reinstall it (will lose game progress). For me it saves every time no matter if I'm during a race or just at the Car Shop. It even saves that I was racing when I quit and asks me at relaunch if I want to continue it.
    As far as Sims 2, I haven't bought it. Don't find much satisfaction in those type of games. (doesn't mean that you won't!!!)

    EDIT: Go to the reviews in the app catalogue.
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    I'm havin the same problem as mikeybob365. My nfs will not save. I even reinstalled getting the same result. I have a theme and patches installed and I hope that isn't the problem...

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