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    My battery life has been superb since updating to I disconnected my phone at 2 pm today and it is now 7:25 PM and I'm at 81%. This is a HUGE improvement. I listened to music for about 15 minutes total, made about four 1 minute calls, and made a few text messages. Has anyone else's battery life been vastly improved after the update?
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    With I noticed this also (well 1.3.5 really). After a full days use by my standards I wasa still at like right under 60% battery life remaining maybe like 55% or something. Today after like 6 hours my phone went from 100% charge to 92% which is simply outstanding.

    If Palm has already optimized the battery this much in 6 months I am sure as they progress WebOS it will only get better. Anyhoot, I was impressed.
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    the results seem to be very mixed, a lot of people, myself included, have found that battery life is significantly worse on than before.
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    Most people who travel in and out of good service areas or spend significant time in so-so service areas, myself included, saw a significant increase in battery life with 1.3.5.
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    I have not tested the battery life yet in school because I usually have about 0-1 bars of 1x consistently and very rarely get any EVDO at all. So when I test it out for a day or two, I will report again.
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    I get much better battery. For those of you how have ?worse? battery... Go back to the earlier version, run the battery log app for a day, upgrade, run it again and say that you have worse battery.
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    I have to agree with Leedavis190. I work in building that I am constantly roaming and I have seen a huge difference. I also, should note that I have seem a big bump in my battery life at home where I have great coverage.
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    mine hasn't improved that much.. But from I can now last on one battery alone from 12pm to 10pm with about 2 hours of web browsing and several calls 2-3 mins long, this is with the gps turned off.. I also read that adding aim to messaging kills battery alot.. Has this improved? I kept my aim account off since I first got the phone with 1.2.. I just get my IMs fwd'd as txt.
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    I think many people have an unrealistic idea of what battery life should for sophisticated devices such as smartphones. Unless there is a sudden breakthrough in battery technology, people should be getting used to not only charging every night, but also spot charging throughout the day.

    That said, battery life has improved since I do get marginal coverage at work.
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    I have bad service inside where I work and my battery has been MUCH improved. Like used to have less than 20% left by the end of the day and now I have upwards of 40% left when i leave work. I've been very happy.
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    Mine has stayed about the same, I do notice that is does not drop as fast. Before I could sit at 100% for 1/2 the day and then it would take a big drop. Now it just seems normal.
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    Absolutely! Particularly when roaming, which used to chew up the battery in no time. 1.3.5 has really kind of re-lauched the Pre as the best device out there and there are more improvements coming. I just wish Palm made a laptop or tablet!!!

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    mine had a little bit, but today has been amazing! I took it off the charger at 7 am and have been texting and on the web constantly and I'm at 42 percent now at 7:21, I'm very happy needless to say
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    My family all has Palm pre's and kids pixi's and we have all noticed extended standby compared to before especially the pixi's
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    I'm glad you think your battery life is better. Mine has gone to crap. I used to only have about 12-15% drain at night but now it is draining at 50%.
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    My battery life is better now that Sprint replaced my phone. Previous Pre would die within 4 hours. After 3 different batteries and 2 chargers they replaced the phone. Now the battery last all day, even when tethering. Much better. I think those that have battery issues could have hardware issues.
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    I think a lot of people are actually forgetting that we have really small batteries too.

    I just gone done trying out the Hero for 3 weeks and the battery life was awesome. I could easily get a day, but it also had a 1500mah battery; we have 1100mah. With an extended battery (like an 1800mah on eBay), I know I could easily go for a day and more.

    Kinda on another subject, but do people trust batteries on eBay? I saw a 1800mah battery for 9 bucks on eBay, and I know that that's too good to be true? Can anyone reference me to a place that is trusted and well known for selling batteries that won't fry my phone?
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    same here i have great battery life
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    After the update, and turning wi-fi off, battery life is greatly improved. I ran the battery monitor app and drainage was steady and the battery lasted over 25 hours
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    Quote Originally Posted by Croathlete View Post
    I think many people have an unrealistic idea of what battery life should for sophisticated devices such as smartphones. Unless there is a sudden breakthrough in battery technology, people should be getting used to not only charging every night, but also spot charging throughout the day.
    Actually, no, they shouldn't expect to have to spot charge. It's fairly realistic to expect that the battery in the pre should last as long as a battery in a blackberry. For me, that's always been a full day with heavy usage and a day and a half to two days with normal usage. If RIM can make it happen, there's absolutely no reason Palm can't.
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