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    Is the issue of not being able to play emails with wav files from voicemail systems on palms radar??????
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    .wav files play fine for me. I get them attached in an email from my vonage home phone and can listen to them fine on my pre.

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    I read somewhere that it depends on how the phone system that generates the wav file codes the file that makes it playable or not in the pre. I also am not able to play wav files generated by nortel networks messaging system. If there is a workaround I'd love to get it.
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    Asterisk generated VM will not play with the Pre.
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    Certain wav files on certain voicemail systems will not play in webOS. Palm knows about this but they can not or will not fix it.
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    magic jack wav files do not play on my pre either
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    I had the same problem with voicemail from our Interactive Intelligence pbx but I changed message compression to G.711 Mu-Law PCM and they now play on the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by influenze View Post
    magic jack wav files do not play on my pre either
    I second this one. I would love for this one to work.
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    This issue has been resolved for me as of 1.4 update.
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    UPDATE: I have realized that I had the "GSM Wave Codec" developed by zsoc installed prior to upgrading to 1.4

    I have now confirmed that my .wav voicemails are indeed only playing in 1.4 when this codec plugin is installed. So, it looks like Palm did not provide the solution as previosuly I had thought, but yet once again the homebrew community has stepped up!!

    If you are having problems playing .wav files atached to voicemails, I highly reccommend giving the plugin available in Preware a try. I know for me it was not working prior to 1.4, but now it is.
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    what is the name of this patch? And under what feed? I cannot find it in Preware
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    it is actually listed under plugins..."GSM Wave Codec" you can find it easy by going to list of everything and searching for the name.
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    are your voicemails showing up as atttachements? Mine are not even showing up as attachments. My service is with Youmail... (home phone).
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    Quote Originally Posted by dwdesign View Post
    Asterisk generated VM will not play with the Pre.
    Same here and the GSM plugin doesn't resolve this. Anyone know what format Asterisk records in?

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