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    I have a WebOS and Preware installed. The last thing I remember doing is installing and uninstalling filecoaster. I am trying to install app from App catalog and it downloads the app and says installing, but the bar is stuck at installing for a while now. it gives a quick status message 'Installed: Twee Free' and then nothing happens. The bar in the app catalog still says installing. The launcher has the Twee Free icon, with a concentric blue and black circle on the top right, indicating that the app was downloaded, but the install failed. Anyone have any ideas? I have tried Emergency Migration service but that has not worked to fix the install issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm having the same issue with the same app it seems like it's more of an issue of the app than it is with the app catalog. Sorry I don't have any fixes for you but at least you know your not alone.
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    Run the "Emergency Migration Helper" in Preware. Go to "List of Everything" and type it in to find it easily.
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    This is happening with Net2Streams Lite and Word Racer Lite also. I wonder what's going on?
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    Follow this steps it worked for some people....

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