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    I've herd that some people are having problems with Windows 7.
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    your fine with windows 7. I'm running 64bit with no issues. I'm not sure about all the software though. Not sure if my tether works, but basic connection is fine(media sync,hard drive), and so is QuickInstall.
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    Same here.. running Windows 7 (x64) with no problems at all - including the WebInternals applications.
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    yupp! runnin 64bit 7 and my tether via bt and usb both were workin fine for me tho i havent used it in a while been at the folks were they have wifi. uhm i sometime have issues getting webosqi to realize im connected but after trying a couple times itll usually realize it. and so yes you should be good dude...
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    same here, runnin win 7 64bit

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