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    Same issue on my phone.

    Check my phone, and it's powered off. won't turn on with power button. remove battery, reinstall batter, turn on to hanging Palm display. reseat battery once again, power on and it starts up fine. this had happened twice in the past 3 days and both times I had to reseat the battery two times for it to power up.

    I'm on webOS Sprint configuration 2.2 and I don't mess with any homebrew apps or anything like that.

    This is a major issue for myself as my phone is used for work purposes and I need to be available for middle of the night calls, if my phone shuts off automatically, I have no idea until I wake up and check it.
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    Anyone called support about this? I usually use my phone as an alarm but it failed me this morning, not cool!
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    Sorry if this has been posted already. I had the same issue with my Pre among other issues. I tried doctoring my Pre and even had difficulty with that. I ended up powering down the device-pulling battery-hold up on sound rocker while pushing power button-- put it into usb mode- and doctored it.***doctoring worked for me. hope this helps
    Lovin' the Pre. Love It.
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