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    currently have 60657 and trying to get to 60658. I keep getting the message "Network settings (PRL) could not be updated. Try again later..."
    Have tried with both Wifi on and off. Tried restarting the phone as well.

    As soon as I tap the screen to update each setting, the EV symbol disappears but my bars stay full strength. When the error message pops up, the EV symbol reappears. Same thing happens when I make a call. The EV symbol disappears as soon as I connect to make a call. Is it a radio issue? The internet works fine with both Wifi and Sprint network.

    Any other options? Is it a Sprint issue and I just need to try updating later?
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    Called Sprint and they were no help.
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    For the last couple of days I now have this same issue, has anyone come up with anymore knowledge on this?
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    Its now 60659. Keep trying!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stu5797 View Post
    Its now 60659. Keep trying!
    that's what I have
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    I have 60658 but no matter what, when I hit either update button, I get the error. Our other phones can still do the update at anytime even just after an update. This just happened to me on Fri. before that I could do the updates. Also at the same time this issue came up my phone had switched to roaming for a day until I figured out the voice network had changed to Sprint Only instead of Automatic. I had not been in that screen or had done anything to my phone that would have changed it, it happened on its own???? Don't know why it was roaming with Sprint Only setting since I was in good Sprint coverage, our other phones were fine.
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    I just figured out my problem, for some reason when my voice network settings got changed the Data Usage was changed to off. I am not sure what that does because I have had WiFi and EVDO usage since Fri, no problem?? Once I turned it on, I did both updates were able to happen.

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