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    I just talked to level 2 tech and am on level 3 now.

    He just told me it's a high priority case and I asked him how so.
    "you have an important case.. we are tracking others like it already"

    He had me explain the problem and then create a log (##5647# in phone app)

    I wonder if it is an issue with older production builds ([url]
    877 426 3777

    Hopefully not or that could suck for palm.
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    thanks for the tip. This has happened to me a few times already. I should give them a call. Do you have the phone number by any chance?

    let us know what you hear! I'm curious as to why this is so important.
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    just guessing but I am thinking it's important because it's money now and money in the future. Apps are pure profit in general. Same way video game companys make nothing on consoles (sometimes take a loss) to make the real money on software (and accessories in the console market)
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    This makes me believe there is a problem with the hardware. I've had NFSU quit unexpectedly and Sims 3 lock up on Town Screen, but only once. June build on mine, July Purchase date.
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    Some people keep insisting that users RESTART their phones to resolve the crashing problem. I've said all along, Palm needs to address this issue ASAP if they want to have any success at launching their 3D games. Memory leaks must be resolved for 3D as well as Flash to operate in a stable environment.
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    Restarting only works for a minority of people with problems, as far as I've been able to tell. I'm starting to believe that it's a hardware problem. Maybe next week when I have time to spend hours on the phone I will call palm about this crashing problem. In the meantime I'll take logs, thanks for the thread.
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    Do you guys have a magic phone number that doesn't cost you any more for support?
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    no but if you say you have an issue with applictions crashing and was told to ask for a level 2 they should do something...
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    Huh... You'd think they would've tracked the memory leaks sooner. Either that, or WebOS really does require more RAM. 1GB anyone?
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    ok just found out pre phone support fees are waived because it's a new product.

    no charge people!
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    ok just found out pre phone support fees are waived because it's a new product.

    no charge people!
    Weird man....last I remember was that you get 90 days free phone support from your day of purchase. The only thing free is chatting with someone.

    But I could be wrong.
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    I restarted the phone after every new game purchase. I have Asphalt5, Need for Speed, and Brain Challenge. Despite this, they've all crashed at least once. Brain Challenge is the biggest culprit. On top of that I noticed after playing and then closing one of these apps, my phone is super laggy and I've gotten the "Too many cards" message despite having nothing open.

    This is clearly a memory leak issue. Hopefully next months 1.4 update fixes this as well as adding flash, GPU supported UI, and improved battery life, and video. I think with Palm moving to the nations largest carrier (VZW, you heard of em?) that Palm will definitely all the nagging issues we've been having.

    The upgraded specs of the Pre Plus may help out of a little bit but they're essentially putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.

    I have faith will see really good things next month!
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    do any of you use my tether at all? If you do use that, it's a known cause to miss with the new games for the palm pre.
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    nope. No brew or patches either.
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    I hope its software related. If its a hardware issue, what would they possibly do, repair our phones and leave us without phones for X amount of days?
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    guessing it's still software/firmware/etc. The wife has crashed oregon trail one time, I have not yet (thankfully) crashed nfs yet. I did catch a too many cards error one time after closing the game, but that may be the one time I've actually restarted the phone since thursday.

    the wife also got onetoo many cards error once after the first crash (bout an hour later and no restart before that), had her power down the phone then reboot a lil while later (she had stuff to do anyways). Both our phones are patched and run homebrew. I am sticking with it not being hardware cuz it's inconsistent.... Thinking it's errors, maybe the ports werenlt properly or thouroughly tested since we all know the main source of these games came from other formats. I have faith that this will be fixed in short time, probably with 1.4. Then again we have had less problems than some, but on a forums like this you know you will hear the folks with problems.
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    For me, NFS crashes constantly. NONE of the fixes detailed here on the forums work. I don't use any patches, homebrew, or "tether".

    It is CLEARLY a webOS issue. Why these 3D games were not tested properly is a mystery. What the hell is going on Palm?
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    I was doing fine with my PRE (June), and then I downloaded Homebrew to try and customize the phone a bit, I mainly just wanted the battery % in the corner, and it was doing ok. Downloaded the NFSU game which won't let me complete the first race at all, just comes up with that "unexpected application error".

    I've seen suggestions for fixing it and so far nothing has helped:
    1) Restarting after install (didn't work),
    2) Delete NFSU and redownload (didn't work)
    3) Do a partial erase and redownload (didn't work)
    4) Do a full erase and redownload (didn't work)

    Read about the myTether and possible conflicts with Homebrew, so:
    5) WebOS Doctor from the PALM support website back to the base and redownload (didn't work).

    So as of right now, everything on my PRE that I bought back on June 5th/6th is doing ok EXCEPT for the NFSU which I can't run. The graphics in the game are amazing when I compare them to the apps already out there, and I've sent emails to both the developer AND Palm support, but haven't gotten any responses. It's killing me to know the game is there and others have gotten it to work, but I haven't found that magic combination yet!
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    Just FYI to all having these problems.

    Palm usually only gives you 90 free support...BUT...for the PRE...and only the PRE (maybe Pixi since WebOS too) they are extending the FREE tech support CALLS for a year.

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    So far, NFS hasn't crashed on me yet, but Asphalt crashed all the time. I tried restarting phone, uninstalling, redownloading and restarting, nothing worked. I just deleted it and counted it as a 7 dollar donation to help keep Palm afloat
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