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    When I try to update and/or install an an App from the APp Catalog it says it needs to restart and make system adjustments or something like that and the installation fails. None of my apps will update. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    i'm having the same problem wit some of my apps and it won't let u delete them there just there with a yellow tranigle
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    Do either of you have ANY homebrew installed?
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    1. Go into Preware and remove Luna Manager.
    2. Remove Preware using Orange + tap Preware icon.
    3. Then use WebOS Quick Install to remove Package Manager.
    4. Restart your phone (full restart).
    5. Then use WebOS Quick Install to reinstall Package Manager.
    6. Use WebOS Quick Install to reinstall Preware.
    7. Use WebOS Quick Install to reinstall Luna Manager.
    8. Luna Restart your phone.
    9. Use Preware to install Emergency Migration Helper (phone will do auto Luna Restart).
    10. Delete any failed installs on your phone using Orange + tap icon with ! on it.
    11. Hopefully you can now download apps from the app catalog.

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