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    Is there a way to do this?
    Like many, I am having issues with new games not working (Quake, Tetris)
    I ran WebOSDoctor, but when I log back into my Palm profile everything gets restored how I had it... and the new games still don't work.
    I would like to get the Pre wiped totally clean... then reinstall my email accounts and sync my calendar and contacts from google.
    Maybe there's a way to wipe my Palm profile clean?
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    Remove any theme, run EPR and remove all patches, go to "Backup", tap "backup now" and then run the doctor. That way, your last backed-up Palm Profile--hopefully--will not have any of your items stored and you should be able to start fresh. HTH!
    I ♥ my Pre.
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    yes very simple turn off backup before runing web os dr... may lose all you contacs and photos but it may fix you problem
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    Run EPR, then go to Device Info>Reset Options>Full Erase and it will start you back up to factory settings. If you haven't bought any apps and you don't need any contacts from your palm profile then you might want to start a brand new palm profile once the full erase is done.

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