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    After all the exciting news from CES, Uodate all the new 3D games out etc . . . . why on Earth are you, I daresay Spamming me with articles about how exciting it is that I can d/l apps like Pandora, Yelp, Where and Fandango? I do distinctly remember when I got my Pre back in early August that those apps were the first and only ones basically available back then. Sure Pandora is great and the others are good for many , but ummm . . . its a "news"letter not a "Hey Look We are Sending you our list of 8 apps current as of 6 months ago

    My point is . . how about some current evens etc, or at least a coupon or something fpr Pre gear . . doesn't have to be much though. A 5
    $5 off coupon for online stores would make me more inclined to get another Touchstone.

    btw typing this just as the two xanax bars I took earlier to cure wicked insomnia has involved typos that give me giggle fits . Not to mention the complete memory wipe that occurs between forming the idea in my brain and the instructions to my fingers to communicate my nonsense.
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